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5 Bizarre Olympic Sports Of 1900

July19/ 2016

Today, we see how well plotted the Olympic events are. Every city brings forth the flavor of its culture and talent. The audience expects grace, talent, and absolute thrill watching those players perform. It seems fair to expect that Olympics have been like this throughout- that when a new game is added to the list of Olympics, it is expected to stay for a long time. However, sometime in 1900 a few games were introduced that were never again regarded as a “sport”- for by God they were bizarre.

Tug of War

Everybody remembers playing the Tug of War game in the schoolyard. Pulling ropes, calling names and wishing the opponents fell in dirt. But let’s imagine adults doing the same- that too at an international level. In 1900, tug of war was a contested Olympic sport. There were teams of different countries, and it seems quite believable that the rules were made haphazardly. Till 1920, nations were tugging their strength and heart till the sane parties decided to discontinue the sport.

Hot air ballooning

Although this was never registered as an official sport, hot air ballooning was a part of 1900’ss Olympic events. A total of 3 women and 61 men accomplished ballooning in 18 events. The contestants were market for different aspects of the game, such as elevation, duration and distance.


Lifesaving and firefighting are no doubt skills deserving of appreciation. But on a platform of cycling, gymnastics, figure skating and more- it seems quite an out of place sport. This too was never officially added to Olympic list of sports. The question here however is how you in an event so full of life and thrill, do you wish to bring danger and solemnity?

Pole Dancing

We are pretty sure that this came as a surprise to the audience. Let’s ignore whether it was an official or unofficial event, but the audience surely wanted it to become an official sport. To our surprise, strip club dancers are quite an athlete. Soon after this event in 1900, petitions were filed to add pole dancing to the list of sports in Olympics. The countries that participated in pole dancing Olympics were Holland, Japan, Finland and Britain. The rules of selection were as bizarre as “how good you are swirling”

Synchronized swimming

There are different opinions on this one. Since 1984 to 1992, synchronized swimming was an official sport. Swimming in itself is a respectable and admired sport, however, it requires quite a skill to have another person swim at the exact same pace as you. Swimmers often claim it to be like synchronized walking steps. Synchronized swimming is often made fun of as “aquatic ballet”. However, there are those who promote this sport and regard it as quite a skill. For a very long times the debates continued whether synchronized swimming should be a part of Olympic events or not. Sadly, it was decided that it needs to go off the Olympic sports list.


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