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5 Weird Sports In The World

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July19/ 2016

We all know about the list of classic and world class sports of the world. Let us today review the most unusual and weird sports in the world that have in fact earned as much attention as any other good sport.

Oil wrestling

As strange as it may sound, oil wrestling is actually the oldest sport of the world that takes place in Turkey, every year in June. This festival is basically a celebration of Ottoman victory, and is known as “pehlivan” in the local language. The wrestlers are covered in olive oil while they wrestle. This festival also takes place in West Thrace, Greece, and Eastern Macedonia. The style of oil wrestling has changed over the course of few years, particularly in Japan and Netherlands.


Poohsticks- yes you will also find it in the list of sports. This sport was first commercially initiated at the Pooh Corner, in The House. The rules of the sports are simple. Anyone can play this sport if they are on a bridge that has running water beneath. Players drop their sticks in the water and the first stick to reach the downstream side of the water is the winner. The annual Poohsticks Championships is held on the River Thames, at Day’s Lock, since 1984.

Bed Racing:

Bed Racing sounds most weird of all the 5 sports. This sport belongs to the town of North Yorkshire and was first started in 1965 as a sports of Navy, Marines and Army of America. Today however the competition is open for all. Each game comprises of five teams, and one team on the bed. Every team has to bring a bed of their own. There are four wheels attached to the bed, yet it also should be able to float in the water. The race takes place on a 3km long track.


This one is fun. Although it is not officially listed as “sports” but as a recreational game that is often played at a commercial level. The game is about getting into an orb and rolling downhill. It is ensured that the slope is gentle, else the game is to be played on a leveled surface. The competition is about who reaches the end first. There are no rules of the game.

Wife carrying:

This sport belongs to Finland. In the game of Wife Carrying, the husbands race against other men while carrying their wives. The rules are to race about 253.5m with your wife on the back. In race track has different surfaces from water to dry land obstacles. The prizes for winners vary from competition to competition.


Bossaball is a new unusual and spectacular sport that was first invented by Spain in 2004. The rules of the game are much similar to that of volleyball, ye there are elements of gymnastics, capoeira and football. The game is played inside an inflatable court that was a circular trampoline across each side of the net. There are two teams with 3-5 players each.

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