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3 Most Difficult Sports In The World

July19/ 2016

The number of sports in the world are endless and every sport has its own specialty and its own thrill. Each sport requires different set of skills and that is what makes each of them unique. While we see athletes on the field, we see a certain comfort level- however, none except the athlete understands the struggle and the level of difficulty. Some of the famous sports of the world are more difficult than we perceive them to do. Whether it is the performance or selection, the capabilities of mind and body of a player are well challenged.

Some sports require speed, athleticism and agility as the key skills, whereas some are tricky mind games. Following are the three most difficult sports in the world that challenge both mind and body.

Figure Skating:

Figure skating is a sport in which individual, group or duos skaters perform on ice. Ladies single, men single, pair skating and ice dancing are the Olympic levels of this sport. This sport was originated in late 1908, as a winter Olympic sport. The world renowned governing bodies of figure skating include the World Championships, European Championships, Four continents Championship and the Grand Prix of skating. Figures skaters have to perform lifts, spins, throw jumps, jumps, death spirals, and field moves. It has reported to be the cause of several spinal, muscular and joint injuries and is regarded as the third most difficult sport of the world.

Water Polo

Water polo seems to be a fun game. However, it is the second most difficult game in the world. Two teams fight against another, aiming to throw ball the net of the opponent. There are typically six players in each team, and a goalkeeper. This game is played in a pool that is minimum 1.8 meter in depth. Not only swimming, but shooting and catching skills are required in this game. Earlier in 19th this sport was named as “water rugby. William Wilson was the first one to set rules for the game. The first tournament of Water Polo took place at Bon Accord festival that used to take place between the River Dee in Aberdeen banks of Scotland.

Bull Riding

Nobody in this world is ever going to say that Bull Riding is easy. It is one the most popular Rodeo sports which requires of the sportsmen to stay mounted on the bull while the animal starts to buck the rider off. As per the severity of level, there are seconds and minutes till which a rider must maintain his balance on the bull. Typically, minimum eight seconds are required to win a game. Those eight seconds of a bull rider are referred to as the most “life threatening seconds in any sport of the world”. The earliest most popular bull riding contest was known as Jaripeo from 16th century in which the riders were supposed to keep themselves mounted on the bull till the bull stops fighting. It was has been the most deadly sport, taking away several lives in the history. The interesting part of the sport is that the bull is also awarded points by the judges. The bull providers win a certain amount of money for training a bull right.

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