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Importance Of Mouth-Guards In Sports

July19/ 2016

Participation of adolescents in sports has significantly increased in the past few years. According to a recent survey report, 20-25 million adolescent and youths take a part in competitive sports. Such an increase in the participation in sports has also significantly increased the occurrence of injury.  Sports medical research accounts for more than 36% unintentional injuries to adolescents and children. 10-20% of these wounds are maxillofacial, as provided by the American Dental Association.

In sports, dental injuries, also referred as orofacial injury are the commonly sustained damages in sports. The National Youth Sports Foundation for Safety claims that an athlete is likely to prevent dental or oral damage when wearing a mouth guard and sustain the damage, 60 times more when playing sports without the protection of a mouth guard. Several times the injury results into permanent damage to the structure of jaw, requiring a long term medical intervention.

Of all the psychical damages, dental injury in sport is the easiest to prevent. Sport trainers and experts recommend mouthgaurds to athletes in both recreational and competitive sports in which the likelihood of contact, collision and impact is high. ADA (American Dental Association) for several years have been emphasizing on the significance of wearing a mouthgaurd when participating in the following sports:

  • Acrobats
  • Boxing
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Ice hockey
  • Field hockey
  • Martial arts
  • Handball
  • Roller hockey
  • Shot putting
  • Rugby
  • Skateboarding
  • Skydiving
  • Skiing
  • Suring
  • Squash
  • Weight lifting
  • Water polo

Types of Mouthguards:

There are basically three types of mouth guards, however the best of all is the one custom made by a dentist according to the shape and size of your jaw. For those who cannot afford a personalized mouth guard, below are the other two options:

  • Boil & bite: Easily available at drug and sport stores, these mouth protectors have a better fitting compared to the stock mouthguards. These mouth guards are first boiled in water for softening. Then they are inserted in the jaw to form the shape of your mouth. It is recommended to first follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers.  Furthermore, always purchase a mouth protector that comes with an ADA acceptance seal.
  • Stock: Stock are local inexpensive, ready to wear mouth guards. Chances are, they won’t offer a good fitting. They are heavy and cause make breathing difficult.

Mouthguards vary in comfort, size and price. However all of them offer the same level of protection. Where protection may be a common feature of all, it is recommended to purchase a mouth guard that is comfortable to wear, is resilient and resistance to wear and tear. Fitting is another important element since it may disturb the conscious level otherwise. Moreover, a quality mouth protection is durable, easy to clean and does not restrict breathing and speech.

Your damaged teeth are not going to grow again. Protect your mouth and your perfect smile with a mouth protector.

5 Bizarre Olympic Sports Of 1900

July19/ 2016

Today, we see how well plotted the Olympic events are. Every city brings forth the flavor of its culture and talent. The audience expects grace, talent, and absolute thrill watching those players perform. It seems fair to expect that Olympics have been like this throughout- that when a new game is added to the list of Olympics, it is expected to stay for a long time. However, sometime in 1900 a few games were introduced that were never again regarded as a “sport”- for by God they were bizarre.

Tug of War

Everybody remembers playing the Tug of War game in the schoolyard. Pulling ropes, calling names and wishing the opponents fell in dirt. But let’s imagine adults doing the same- that too at an international level. In 1900, tug of war was a contested Olympic sport. There were teams of different countries, and it seems quite believable that the rules were made haphazardly. Till 1920, nations were tugging their strength and heart till the sane parties decided to discontinue the sport.

Hot air ballooning

Although this was never registered as an official sport, hot air ballooning was a part of 1900’ss Olympic events. A total of 3 women and 61 men accomplished ballooning in 18 events. The contestants were market for different aspects of the game, such as elevation, duration and distance.


Lifesaving and firefighting are no doubt skills deserving of appreciation. But on a platform of cycling, gymnastics, figure skating and more- it seems quite an out of place sport. This too was never officially added to Olympic list of sports. The question here however is how you in an event so full of life and thrill, do you wish to bring danger and solemnity?

Pole Dancing

We are pretty sure that this came as a surprise to the audience. Let’s ignore whether it was an official or unofficial event, but the audience surely wanted it to become an official sport. To our surprise, strip club dancers are quite an athlete. Soon after this event in 1900, petitions were filed to add pole dancing to the list of sports in Olympics. The countries that participated in pole dancing Olympics were Holland, Japan, Finland and Britain. The rules of selection were as bizarre as “how good you are swirling”

Synchronized swimming

There are different opinions on this one. Since 1984 to 1992, synchronized swimming was an official sport. Swimming in itself is a respectable and admired sport, however, it requires quite a skill to have another person swim at the exact same pace as you. Swimmers often claim it to be like synchronized walking steps. Synchronized swimming is often made fun of as “aquatic ballet”. However, there are those who promote this sport and regard it as quite a skill. For a very long times the debates continued whether synchronized swimming should be a part of Olympic events or not. Sadly, it was decided that it needs to go off the Olympic sports list.


3 Most Difficult Sports In The World

July19/ 2016

The number of sports in the world are endless and every sport has its own specialty and its own thrill. Each sport requires different set of skills and that is what makes each of them unique. While we see athletes on the field, we see a certain comfort level- however, none except the athlete understands the struggle and the level of difficulty. Some of the famous sports of the world are more difficult than we perceive them to do. Whether it is the performance or selection, the capabilities of mind and body of a player are well challenged.

Some sports require speed, athleticism and agility as the key skills, whereas some are tricky mind games. Following are the three most difficult sports in the world that challenge both mind and body.

Figure Skating:

Figure skating is a sport in which individual, group or duos skaters perform on ice. Ladies single, men single, pair skating and ice dancing are the Olympic levels of this sport. This sport was originated in late 1908, as a winter Olympic sport. The world renowned governing bodies of figure skating include the World Championships, European Championships, Four continents Championship and the Grand Prix of skating. Figures skaters have to perform lifts, spins, throw jumps, jumps, death spirals, and field moves. It has reported to be the cause of several spinal, muscular and joint injuries and is regarded as the third most difficult sport of the world.

Water Polo

Water polo seems to be a fun game. However, it is the second most difficult game in the world. Two teams fight against another, aiming to throw ball the net of the opponent. There are typically six players in each team, and a goalkeeper. This game is played in a pool that is minimum 1.8 meter in depth. Not only swimming, but shooting and catching skills are required in this game. Earlier in 19th this sport was named as “water rugby. William Wilson was the first one to set rules for the game. The first tournament of Water Polo took place at Bon Accord festival that used to take place between the River Dee in Aberdeen banks of Scotland.

Bull Riding

Nobody in this world is ever going to say that Bull Riding is easy. It is one the most popular Rodeo sports which requires of the sportsmen to stay mounted on the bull while the animal starts to buck the rider off. As per the severity of level, there are seconds and minutes till which a rider must maintain his balance on the bull. Typically, minimum eight seconds are required to win a game. Those eight seconds of a bull rider are referred to as the most “life threatening seconds in any sport of the world”. The earliest most popular bull riding contest was known as Jaripeo from 16th century in which the riders were supposed to keep themselves mounted on the bull till the bull stops fighting. It was has been the most deadly sport, taking away several lives in the history. The interesting part of the sport is that the bull is also awarded points by the judges. The bull providers win a certain amount of money for training a bull right.

Concussions in Sports

July19/ 2016

Concussions are common incidence in sports. Young athletes suffer from hundreds of concussions on regular basis, mostly while playing soccer, football and ice hockey. Unlike what most people believe, concussion does not mean being “knocked out”. Concussion refers to a change in the state of conscious level, in which the mental status shift from normal to confused or traumatized. An athlete who shows symptoms of being dinged or mental confusion as a result of blow on the head is likely suffering from a concussion.

What is sports concussion?

Concussions as a result of a sport often causing physical and mental symptoms, such as forgetfulness, fatigue, headache, lack of concentration and dizziness. The symptoms of a normal concussion starts diminishing with 5-10 days and last no longer than a month. However, in certain cases, concussions leads to mental, emotional, behavioral, and physical changes that is called post-concussion syndrome. It is still unknown whether a persistent concussion results from psychological or physical cause. There have been a few sports related cases in which a repeated concussions happens over a short interval, and the athlete suffers from a second more severe impact which is the pathological nervous response that requires immediate medical attention

Evaluation of sports concussions

A sport associated concussion is mostly evaluated and managed as per the severity of it. Right after a sports related concussion, a medical intervention is recommended to determine how well the vital signs of an athlete are working. Medical professionals will study the conscious level and check for spine related injuries. Concussion guidelines released by the expert departments indicate that an athlete who faints, or lose consciousness while playing a sport requires an immediate medical attention.


  • Neuropsychological assessment:

Neuropsychological assessment is one of the most recommended way to detect brain function disturbances related to sports concussion. The National Hockey League and the National Football league have established a neuropsychological testing program in which the athletes go through short attention, information processing and memory tests before a sport session. Players with sustained concussions are suggested to be tested again after the first concussion within 48 hours.

Treating or preventing concussions:

Changes in the game rules have helped to reduce the symptoms and events of concussions. For instance, in 1976, the National Collegiate Athletic Association announced using of head in the game illegal. It reduced the number of neck and head injuries to 50%. The use of helmets in advance sports has also helped prevent head injuries. Adaption to the game with proper protection training helps athlete strengthen their immune and psychological system with significant change in shock resistance.

For sustained concussion, it is significant to opt for medical care that lasts for at least 3 months. This allows the brain to fully recover. Allowing a young athlete to play soon after a brain injury is one of the most life threatening decision. A second event of concussion is usually the most damaging and therefore healing through is imperative to retain a healthy brain function and psychological support.

5 Weird Sports In The World

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July19/ 2016

We all know about the list of classic and world class sports of the world. Let us today review the most unusual and weird sports in the world that have in fact earned as much attention as any other good sport.

Oil wrestling

As strange as it may sound, oil wrestling is actually the oldest sport of the world that takes place in Turkey, every year in June. This festival is basically a celebration of Ottoman victory, and is known as “pehlivan” in the local language. The wrestlers are covered in olive oil while they wrestle. This festival also takes place in West Thrace, Greece, and Eastern Macedonia. The style of oil wrestling has changed over the course of few years, particularly in Japan and Netherlands.


Poohsticks- yes you will also find it in the list of sports. This sport was first commercially initiated at the Pooh Corner, in The House. The rules of the sports are simple. Anyone can play this sport if they are on a bridge that has running water beneath. Players drop their sticks in the water and the first stick to reach the downstream side of the water is the winner. The annual Poohsticks Championships is held on the River Thames, at Day’s Lock, since 1984.

Bed Racing:

Bed Racing sounds most weird of all the 5 sports. This sport belongs to the town of North Yorkshire and was first started in 1965 as a sports of Navy, Marines and Army of America. Today however the competition is open for all. Each game comprises of five teams, and one team on the bed. Every team has to bring a bed of their own. There are four wheels attached to the bed, yet it also should be able to float in the water. The race takes place on a 3km long track.


This one is fun. Although it is not officially listed as “sports” but as a recreational game that is often played at a commercial level. The game is about getting into an orb and rolling downhill. It is ensured that the slope is gentle, else the game is to be played on a leveled surface. The competition is about who reaches the end first. There are no rules of the game.

Wife carrying:

This sport belongs to Finland. In the game of Wife Carrying, the husbands race against other men while carrying their wives. The rules are to race about 253.5m with your wife on the back. In race track has different surfaces from water to dry land obstacles. The prizes for winners vary from competition to competition.


Bossaball is a new unusual and spectacular sport that was first invented by Spain in 2004. The rules of the game are much similar to that of volleyball, ye there are elements of gymnastics, capoeira and football. The game is played inside an inflatable court that was a circular trampoline across each side of the net. There are two teams with 3-5 players each.